In 1712 Tsar Peter I of Russia ordered the creation of a weapons and ammunition factory. 
Its purpose was to supply the locals of a small village with the ability to protect themselves.
 The nearest arsenal at that time was in Moscow which was much too far at that time.
 Right from the start Tula used the most current methods to manufacture their products,
 which meant water machines and trochanteric machines in the 1700s and means computer technology today.
 Through the years they’ve made it all from swords to guns to ammo.
 Today Tula is known for producing affordable ammo for shooters around the globe.

These particular rounds are made by Tula for your 9x19mm Parabellum/Luger. 
At 115 grain these are fairly lightweight rounds. Being lighter allows them to travel
 towards targets at higher speeds than their heavier counterparts and
 also helps keep felt recoil manageable. These are FMJ, Full Metal Jacket, rounds and
 do not expand on impact.