1,000 rounds may seem like a lot of 223 ammo, but after you’ve spent some time at target practice 
with your favorite AR-15 or fought off a horde of ravenous zombies, you’ll find out it’s just about right.
 And when you buy Tula, you’re feeding your rifle with ammunition from one of the largest 
manufacturers in the world. Not only that, they’ve been in business for more than 130 years.
 That means you’ve got the benefit of over a century of experience plus clear dedication to 
producing reliable products for shooters the world over. What more could you possibly ask for?

Value. That’s right, these rounds are priced so you can afford to blow through the entire box in one day.
 But don’t think for a second Tula doesn’t maintain standards for their economy rounds, because they do.
 All ammunition is manufactured to CIP standards and made under the watchful eyes of 
their team at their plant in Tula, Russia.