CZ Shadow 2 is one of the most popular weapons devoted to dynamic taking pictures in recent years. the whole-metallic, layout created to dominate its class way to exceptional layout has received reputation among the excellent sports shooters for years now.

CZ Shadow 2 is an evolution of the a success SP-01 Shadow, which in flip is based totally on the classic CZ-75. The trigger mechanism with sporty traits – a quick reset and tremendous smoothness of operation works in SA/DA mode.

The bloodless solid barrel and the strict requirements of length tolerance translate into excessive precision and paintings culture. full metallic production translates into balance during use. Double texturing has been carried out to the slide, simplifying each reloading and press take a look at.

Geometric grip suits flawlessly inside the hand and the load distribution ensures consolation. An green spur facilitates in safe and repeatable hand placement.

similarly, the right shift of the centre of gravity, in aggregate with a low sitting slide, consequences in radical discount of the muzzle climb. together with the fiber optic front sight, this allows for a quick return and readjustment of the contraptions to the target.

The textured body and milled aluminum linings guarantee a secure keep, even in awful climate or dirty fingers. For folks that opt for a PowerGrip grip, a textured texture carried out to the the front of the guard may be a beneficial addition.

– caliber 9×19 Parabellum with bloodless solid barrel
– Created for dynamic capturing
– completely metal creation, making certain balance
– Geometric grip with extraordinary ergonomics
– Low slide, restricting muzzle climb
– Adjustable magazine launch button
– competitive texturing on the body and aluminium linings
– Fibre optic the front sight and steel rear sight
– three metal magazines holding 20 cartridges every

Technical statistics:
– caliber: 9×19 mm Parabellum
– period: 217 mm
– peak: 157 mm
– Width: 34 mm
– Barrel length: 120 mm
– magazine ability: 19
– the load of the gun: 1330 g