Franchi Affinity Elite Semi-Auto Shotgun

Franchi® Affinity® Elite semi-automatic shotguns use the Inertia Driven® operating system to flawlessly cycle 2-3/4″ to 3-1/2″ cartridges without any modifications. The composite stock and forearm are dipped in GORE® OPTIFADE® Concealment Waterfowl. The barrel and bolt housing have a corrosion-resistant and non-reflective cobalt CeraKote® finish. The barrel has a ribbed vent and a two-tone TRUGLO® fiber optic front sight. TSA recoil pad dramatically reduces felt recoil and muzzle flip. Stock adjusts for drop and pitch. The extended loading port, large Sure Cycle bolt release and oversized bolt handle increase reliable operation with cold hands. The drilled and tapped receiver allows you to attach aftermarket rails and bases. Franchi Affinity Elite semi-automatic shotguns come with 3 extended waterfowl suppressors (F, M, IC).

GORE OPTIFADE Covering waterfowl camouflage
Cobalt barrel and CeraKote receiver
Synthetic stock and forearm
An operating system driven by inertia
Ribbed vented barrel with fiber optic TRUGLO front sight
The TSA recoil pad dramatically reduces felt recoil
The stock adjusts to drop and throw
Drilled and threaded receiver
Extended loading port
Clear bolt release cycle
Oversized screw handle
Drilled and threaded receiver
Includes 3 extended waterfowl chokes (F, M, IC)

Franchi Affinity Elite Semi-Auto Shotgun inertia-operated design is similar to Benelli shotguns, but there is one major difference: the Affinity recoil spring is located in front of the case on the magazine tube. Benelli’s SBE 3 and other shotguns have recoil springs in the stock, and when Affinity first hit the market, it promised that a forward-mounted recoil spring would reduce felt recoil by keeping recoil in line with the shooter’s shoulder. I cannot verify or disprove the claim that spring position reduces recoil, but I can attest to the fact that the spring is easier to access than stock shotguns.

Inertia operation is fast and clean. Unlike gas systems that clog up and need to be cleaned regularly to have any hope of the gun functioning reliably, inertial guns run clean as the gases and debris come out of the barrel after a shot. This means that recoilless guns like the Affinity Elite tend to be reliable and less expensive to maintain than most gas semi-autos. The beauty of the system is its simplicity, and as long as the handful of moving parts that make up the operating system are in good working order, relatively clean and lubricated, you can run these guns until the ammo runs dry without cleaning.