New! Browning BPS Field Pump-Action Shotgun

The reliability of the Browning® BPS® Field Pump-Action Shotgun starts with stiff, double-machined steel slide rods, housed inside a case made from a solid block of forged steel. Dual slide bars eliminate twisting and binding for faster, more efficient operation. The BPS slides the ejected cases out of the bottom of the case, so there is no ejection port on either side for rain to drip into, and with the bottom ejection and safety on the top, the BPS pump shotgun is truly ambidextrous. The BPS Field has a satin walnut stock and handguard and a matte blued barrel and case. The magazine break makes it easy to load and unload when you need to quickly change cartridges when encountering different types of game. The vent rib allows you to aim naturally and swing smoothly, and the silver forefoot is easy to pick up in low light. The BPS Field Pump-Action Shotgun uses replaceable Invector-Plus choke tubes and a rear-bored barrel for thick, even shots that bring down birds at maximum shotgun range. Contains 3 chokes.

Solid, double-machined steel slide bars
Forged and machined steel receiver
Dull blued barrel and receiver
Walnut stock and forend
Top mounted safety tang
Bottom throw
3″ chamber
Magazine deadline
Rear bore barrel
3 Invector-Plus chokes

New! Browning BPS Field Pump-Action Shotgun entry into the pump market dates back to 1977 when the BPS was introduced. From the start, BPS was positioned at the top end of its segment. Even by the standards of its time, when guns were better fitted and finished than now, the BPS stood out from the competition in the quality of its workmanship. It had checkerboards where the 870 Wingmaster had a machined design, and unlike the alloy receivers of the Mossberg 500 and others, it had a milled steel housing. Even today, it stands out from the competition.

What the BPS didn’t have was an ejection port on the side. It was a bottom-firing model, inspired by John Browning’s original design for the Remington Model 17. Ithaca copied the Model 17 when its patent expired and used it as a template for the great Model 37. Bottom-firing pumps are dripping on the range. legs instead of ejecting them out the right side of the receiver, making them popular with many left-handed shooters as well as those who believe that having one port instead of two helps keep debris out of the gun. Originally introduced in 12 gauge, the BPS was produced in all gauges from 10 to .410 and there were also specialized slug, turkey and trap models and continues to be produced in walnut, synthetic and camo models.

One of the hunters in our test of the best duck hunting shotguns brought his father’s older BPS to our waterfowl gun test to see how it compared to the current crop of pumps and semi-autos.