The new weapon will serve an unprecedented market niche for Taurus, in the microcompact segment, enabling the company to increase its market share, which is part of the company’s strategy to be number 1 in the world in the production of light weapons
The GX4 is really small, light and ideal for concealed carry. To give you an idea of ​​its size, a cell phone practically covers it. The Taurus microcompact pistol has a shorter length than its competitors, but with the same barrel to preserve precision.
Developed in the 9mm caliber, its height is also smaller compared to those in the segment, but it has a greater shooting capacity of 11 shots (11 in the magazine and one in the chamber), accompanying an additional magazine of the same capacity.
With the new feature, the company expands its G series line, made up of pistols with high-resistance and quality polymer frames, which includes one of the best-selling weapons in the USA, the Taurus G2c. As with all models in the G family, the GX4 will enter the market to be a leader in its segment.
Weapon Operation Type: SEMI-AUTOMATIC
Weapon Rays Quantity: 6
Weapon Raia Direction: RIGHT
Weapon Soul Type: RAY
Caliber: 9mm
Gun Finish Type: OXIDIZED
Gun Barrels Quantity: 1
Number of Gun Shots: 11
Weapon Type: PISTOL
Weapon Brand: TAURUS
Type of Action: SIMPLE ACTION
Charger Type: BIFILAR
Security System: TRIGGER LOCK
Number of Chargers: 2
Height: 110.3mm
Height: 4.34″
Width: 27.4mm
Width: 1.08″
Barrel Length: 3.06″
Total Length: 147.3mm
Total Length: 5.8″
Weapon Weight: 520g
Weapon Weight: 0.520kg
Trade Name: GX4